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Threatened wildlife cannot wait!

Wildlife Initiative operates with the purpose of protecting wildlife involving the local community and undertaking conservation measures based on scientific evidence

Save the Pallas's Cat!

Leading the conservation and research project “Status and Conservation of Pallas’s Cat in the Central Mongolian Steppe” in Tov, Mongolia in partnership with the Mongolian Academy of Science (Mongolia) and the Southern Illinois University (USA).

Snow Leopard research and conservation

A research project aimed to estimate the snow leopard density and occupancy by method of camera trap in western Mongolia, in partnership with the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), the MUSe (Italy), the Mongolian Academy of Science (Mongolia).

Ecology and Conservation of Lions and Large Mammals in Namibia: from Woodland to Desert

Human and herding activities intersect with those of wildlife, often leading to conflicts. Large carnivores are particularly prone to generate human conflicts because of their large spatial needs and food requirements.

Human-Forest Elephant Conflict Mitigation in the Equatorial and Atlantic Forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The African continent hosts more than 30% of the planet's tropical forests, and in particular, the Congolese equatorial forest is an hotspot of biodiversity.

Our goal is to conserve threatened and less known species and restore the ecosystems they live in.
Our mission is to work in areas with factors limiting the effectiveness of researches and conservation due to any reason ranging from lack of infrastructures to hash weather or country instability.

Threatened and less known species need the effort of each of us to survive. We dedicate our life to them, and together with you, we can realize our goals.

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