SIberian viper in Mongolia

A beautiful encounter with the Siberian Viper (Gloydius halys) in the steppe of central Mongolia. This is one of the numerous species we see during our expeditions.

Siberian Ibex in Altai Mountains, Mongolia

Two little footages of Siberian Ibex captured by our trail-camera in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia.

Too hot for Argali sheep!

When temperatures rise in the Mongolian Altai, the argali sheep (Ovis ammon) try to remove their winter coats. We obtained several videos where a great number of argali were trying to remove their wool rubbing against this rock!

A rare footage of a snow leopards MARKING AND ROARING!

This video was recorded during a project implemented jointly by Snow Leopard Conservancy, Wildlife Initiative, and Irbis Mongolia, focused on human-carnivore conflict in the Mongolian Altai. It is not very common hearing a snow leopard emitting a roar-like sound!

Mongolian gazelle in the Mongolia-Manchurian Grassland Ecoregion

Diaries from the steppe. Today we present to you another charismatic species. The Mongolian Gazelle.

Jerboa digging its den

Jerboa (Allactaga sibirica) digs its den in the open steppe areas.

The secrets life of Pallas's cat

This grumpy cat is among the least known cat species on the planet!