Take the chance of a lifetime experience

Embark with us on an epic journey that will last forever in your heart

We offer unique, small group expeditions for travelers and curious people to remote and pristine destinations and cultures in our work areas... Your participation in a Wildlife Initiative Expedition will send you home with a wealth of natural history knowledge, world-class wildlife sightings, unique cultural encounters and fun stories.

Discover the magic of the unknown and do something
concrete to preserve it


We preserve wildlife and habitats involving local communities while undertaking conservation measures based on scientific evidence.

We can do this by supporting sustainable travel.
Ecotourism can be a fundamental support for conservation

Participating in one of our expeditions, not only means to observe from a distance, but you will also be called to action!! Part of the participation fee will be used on the project and you'll get the possibility to follow and help the Wildlife Initiative team on the field, as well as being involved in the local community life.

Covid-19 update

We are taking the precautions regarding the pandemic situation seriously, so due to travel restrictions, our expedition plan for 2021 has changed. Please contact us for more information or any questions about our Ecotourism program.