Our story for a promising future

Wildlife Initiative is a non-profit-making organization established in Mongolia in 2020 for wildlife conservation and research. The Wildlife Initiative’s President Choikhand Janchivlamdan and its Executive Director Claudio Augugliaro, after 10 years of developing the Mongolian grassroots of the NGO Green Initiative, decided to found a new NGO focusing more specifically on wildlife conservation.

During the 10 years of activity, Claudio and Choikhand enjoyed many adventures across Mongolia, traveling thousands of kilometers from the capital city Ulaanbaatar to the western Altai mountains, to the Gobi desert and the Northern forested areas. Ten years filled with great emotions.

2014, a good year for Green Initiative!

Claudio and Choikhand traveled together to investigate the international trade of cashmere obtained by the Siberian ibex, visiting all the animals’ products markets and interviewing hundreds of local people, the experience was unforgettable.

During a mammal survey in the Small Gobi A, Claudio discovered the Southeasternmost presence of the snow leopard in Mongolia in a place where it was considered absent.

Human-wildlife coexistence is a must, and we have to make it happen!

In recent years, thanks to the efforts of Claudio and his team, an unprecedented number of Pallas’s cat were camera trapped in the Central Mongolian Steppe, finding results essential to protect the species.

Wildife initiative network

15 collaborations and partnerships with government and non-government organizations across the planet (3 in the US, 6 in Europe, 3 in Asia outside of Mongolia, and 3 in Mongolia).

Wildlife Initiative inherited by Green Initiative a relevant number of projects about research and conservation of the snow leopard, the Pallas’s cat, and other related species. Here a list of the projects currently implemented by the NGO:

Save the Pallas's Cat!

Leading the conservation and research project “Status and Conservation of Pallas’s Cat in the Central Mongolian Steppe” in Tov, Mongolia in partnership with the Mongolian Academy of Science (Mongolia) and the Southern Illinois University (USA).

Snow Leopard research and conservation

A research project aimed to estimate the snow leopard density and occupancy by method of camera trap in western Mongolia, in partnership with the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), the MUSe (Italy), the Mongolian Academy of Science (Mongolia).

Research and Conservation of Elephants and Large Carnivores in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Africa’s big five are some of the continent’s most iconic wild species. However, only a few people are aware that such feelings arise from a specific south-eastern area of Congo: the Upemba National Park!

The NGO operates with the purpose of protecting wildlife by involving the local communities, undertaking conservation measures based on scientific evidence