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We believe that partnerships are the center of our activity. Through the work implemented in Mongolia, we hold collaborations with more than a dozen government and non-government organizations worldwide. We are open to “field Partners” that can support us giving visibility to our NGO, collaborating in the research field and with research costs, donating equipment and analyzing research data and conservation issues.

Field Partners

Wildlife Protection Solutions

Pallas’s Cat Working Group

Media Partners

Research Institutes

As a rigorous scientific research is the base for good conservation actions, we are glad to collaborate with so many researchers or departments of the following Institutes:

Southern Illinois University (USA) - University of Lausanne (CH) - University of Florence (IT) - Mongolia Academy of Science (MNG) - University of Lubumbashi (DRC) - University of Bologna (IT) - University of Udine (IT) - University of Palermo(IT) - University of Pisa (IT) - Muse (IT) - National University of Mongolia (MNG) - Altai Institute for Research and Conservation (USA) - Rakuno Gakuen University (JPN) - Natural History museum of Denmark (DK)

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